Everything is Top Priority

Everything is top priority. It doesn’t matter if it’s a passing thought, a memory of something I wanted to do 3 years ago that suddenly matters again, something I don’t even care about doing, or the big important thing I need to be doing right now. Everything is top priority. Why do my job when I can suddenly decide to hook my BluRay drives back up and finish ripping my entire BluRay collection? Why work on art projects I’ve been begging for time for when I can just mindlessly watch the YouTube videos I’ve fallen behind on? Why be present in the moment with my kid when I have to google this random question I had that doesn’t relate to anything?

Unlike many scenarios where you might say “if everything is top priority, nothing is” – everything really is top priority. They all come with a sense of importance, urgency, and absolute stress that they’re not getting done. It’s not that nothing sits higher than everything else on the priority list, it’s that everything is crammed at the top of the priority list and carries the same weight as such.

I can’t breathe.